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EMO 2011: The new C series: 5-axis machining with highly productive turning function

Usually a 5-axis machining centre does not provide a turning machine's capability of horizontal or vertical turning or tilted turning with A and B axis. However, the virtually unique cutting performance of HELLER's new C series will make it possible to perform such operations on a machining centre. This highly productive machine series provides economically efficient cutting data to enable workpiece rotation of up to 1,000 RPM for performance-oriented pre-machining and finishing true to the final contour.

HELLER machining centres need to meet high standards in terms of providing higher dynamics, high chip removal rates and economically efficient machining at any spatial position. HELLER's new C series, which is to have its premiere at EMO 2011, will satisfy these demands. The number of inquiries about machining of rotation symmetrical components HELLER continues to receive from the power engineering, drive and gear engineering industry amongst others is proof that highly productive machining centres providing the relevant cutting performance are what the market is looking for. Accordingly HELLER has put together a performance package that is nearly unique in this sector. The C series is equipped with HSK 63 spindle taper and provides up to 48 kW in power and spindle speeds up to 24,000 RPM. It features a high-speed rotary table with a rotational speed of up to 1,000 RPM. These characteristics alone show that the C series has little in common with conventional machining centres with integrated turning operation. The high cutting performance required is achieved by a specially developed and extremely stiff swivel-head geometry amongst others. In order to provide the series with even more torque and higher form fit, it has additionally been equipped with a spindle locking feature. The fact that the fifth axis used for 5-axis machining and turning operations is provided by the tool illustrates the great importance that was given to the machine's turning capability. Vertical and horizontal turning operations of outer and inner contours can be accomplished without any problem with the C axis and optional A and B axis. Additionally, the rotary table equipped with direct-torque drive provides the necessary performance when the workpiece rotates against the rotational direction of the tool. The new C series provides highest economic efficiency when a high share of cubic features are machined with an emphasis on high process dependability, automation and high accuracy and rotation symmetrical components with a length to diameter ratio of below one are required.


Variable design in two sizes


Although the C series is presented as a new series, "combined processing" is nothing new to HELLER. Special cycles used on classic machining centres for milling operations had already enabled a combination of different machining processes.

In the meantime, a solution based on the Siemens 840 Dsl control platform provides a solution enabling customers to switch between turning and milling operations. The aforementioned high-speed rotary table and spindle locking function provide the technical prerequisites. Siemens Sinumerik 840 Dsl is suitable for demanding milling and turning operations whilst providing highly precise control of speed and acceleration and is highly adaptable to different requirements in terms of precision and surface finish. It is also exceptionally well suited for machining of sculptured surfaces. As a special highlight HELLER has developed a function for identifying imbalances on the workpiece or the rotary table. Even the slightest imbalances on the workpiece can be detected on the basis of signals provided by the drive without requiring additional sensors. A sophisticated interface supports the customer in compensating these imbalances. This is important for turning operations since the repeatability of centric clamping is of relevance for quality and safety reasons. For turning tools, the standard tool measurement function using tactile sensors is useful. However, the measuring system also provides the optical functionality of a laser system. This technology is well established for milling and drilling tools and widely accepted by our customers.

HELLER offers the new C series in two sizes: C 2000 and C 4000. Options include a version with direct manual loading onto the table of the machine (CT) or with integrated pallet changer (CP) and hydraulic clamping.


Visit us at our booth C 4 in hall 12. You will see further exhibits at the VDW's joint booth in the context of the Blue Competence initiative hall 16/E4, at the booth of the Machining Innovations Network MIN . hall 27/C32 as well as ATI Stellram hall 5/D35.


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