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EMO 2019: HELLER showcases its entire expertise in productivity and availability

For 125 years, the name HELLER has been synonymous with machine building and engineering savvy. In hall 12, stand C83, covering a floorspace of 680 m2, visitors to this year’s EMO in Hanover get the chance to experience first hand 5-axis mill/turning centre model CP 6000, 5-axis machining centre model HF 3500 and 4-axis machining centre H 2000. With their flexibility, productivity and high availability, these machines are the ideal solutions for a diverse range of complex manufacturing tasks. In addition to these three product highlights, HELLER’s trade show appearance in Hanover under the motto ‘Next Generation Productivity’ also focuses on digitisation and automation this year.

Successful partner network and in-house automation expertise

“Over many years, HELLER has worked on developing a partner network of suppliers from the automation sector. In addition to that, HELLER also has in-house automation experts providing extensive know-how in this field. Our engineering expertise for the assessment of the right automation solution extends over several technical departments specialising in mechanics, fluidics, electrics, hardware and software,” explains Jochen Kern, Head of Application Industrial at HELLER. Therefore, two of the exhibits at EMO are equipped with automation solutions provided by the suppliers Fastems and Fanuc.

Moreover, digitisation is again one of the key topics at EMO 2019. After the potentials for increasing the productivity of machine tools using conventional means have almost been fully exploited in recent years, HELLER’s goal is to combine information and production technology using Industry 4.0 solutions to create added value. The ‘HELLER4Industry’ concept comprises complementary machine functionalities, on-demand services and expanded service solutions, linking digital solutions with the customers’ manufacturing reality. As a core partner of umati, the universal machine interface developed on the initiative of VDW, HELLER has the finger on the pulse of the industry as far as digitisation is concerned. “We like to adopt an active role in the design to promote our idea of a universal compatibility of different machines, units and software,” explains Bernd Zapf, Head of New Business & Technology at HELLER.

New distribution strategy with expanded network in the US

To provide customers on the US market with the best possible support, HELLER has adopted a new sales strategy for the USA: “In the future, we will market our products and services through our established direct sales team and will additionally introduce a new distribution sales and service network enabling us to offer our customers more precisely tailored solutions,” says Stephen Pegram, Vice President of Sales at HELLER Machine Tools. With Ellison Technologies, the latest distribution partner of HELLER USA, the company is now represented in more than 20 states. “Ellison Technologies operate subsidiaries in many regions throughout the US to guarantee excellent market coverage and comprehensive, professional service for our customers,” Pegram continues. Together with the partners Ellison Machinery, Maruka and Compumachine, HELLER now offers an excellent network throughout North America.

4-axis machining centre model H 2000: highly productive and reliable

At EMO 2019 in Hanover, HELLER is showcasing the 4-axis machining centre model H 2000 in combination with a Fastems FPC 750 pallet container. The machining centres from the H series, ranging from the compact model H 2000 through to the large machining centre H 16000 with a work envelope of 2,400x1,600x1,600 mm, offer excellent milling power and mechanical resilience and are flexibly configurable with practice-oriented packages to achieve outstanding productivity. The H series offers a reliable performance package ideal for series production of varying volumes, even when used to the limit, if necessary, 7 days a week in 3-shift operation.

One of the development targets for the H series at the time was to increase performance and precision with the ultimate goal of enhancing the machines’ productivity. Our development engineers achieved this by optimising the topology of the machine bed’s and column’s casting structure, resulting in an extremely high static and dynamic rigidity combined with weight savings. To support this, the H 2000 is equipped with a twin-drive in the Z-axis and direct absolute measuring systems in all axes. The reduced number of surfaces for chip deposits to accumulate, steep chip chutes and free chip fall from the spindle together with 600 mm chip conveyor width ensure a clean work area. A purging system for cleaning the cooling channels inside the tool after use helps to save coolant and minimises tool change times.

The basic configuration of the H 2000 already offers excellent performance. With a traverse path of 630x630x630 mm in all three axes and a pallet size of 400x500 mm, the H 2000 provides a work area volume of approx. 0.25 m³. Moreover, it provides a maximum workpiece height of 850 mm. With a rapid traverse rate of more than 8 m/sec² and acceleration rates of 65 (90) m/min, the machine offers top performance.

For highly productive machining, the H 2000 is available with three different direct driven spindles, offering speeds of up to 24,000 rpm and up to 242 Nm torque. As standard, model H 2000 is equipped with an HSK-A 63 spindle taper. Alternatively, SK 40 or BT 40 tapers are available. Moreover, the H series is also flexible in terms of tool management. The H 2000 is equipped with a standard chain-type tool magazine with 54 storage places, which can be upgraded to 240 tools at any time. A rack-type tool magazine for storage of up to 409 tools is also available.

With the H series, HELLER offers a machine concept based on extensive application know-how and the continuous and direct exchange with the customers. The result are machines that can be closely tailored to our customers’ requirements whilst offering the typical extra HELLER quality: higher cutting performance, increased reliability and maintainability with a plus in economic efficiency and productivity.

5-axis machining centre model HF 3500: productivity in five axes

With the 5th axis provided by the workpiece, their powerful dynamics and the horizontal spindle for shortest chip-to-chip times, the 5-axis machining centres from the HF series deliver a significant reduction in idle times. With these machines, HELLER guarantees high productivity in series production and for universal application when machining medium to large batch sizes. At EMO 2019 in Hanover, HELLER places the spotlight on model HF 3500. The machine was first presented in 2016 and again at EMO 2017 together with its larger sibling, model HF 5500. It provides a work envelope of 710x750x710 mm and a maximum pallet load of 550 kg. Model HF 3500 is equipped with an automation solution using a collaborative robot type CR-15iA supplied by Fanuc, equipped with a Schunk Co-act gripper.

The HF series comprises 5-axis machining centres proving once again that the HELLER DNA of productivity, performance, reliability and availability form the foundations of each and every new development conceived in Nürtingen. The HF series combines proven qualities with innovative features. This is also true for the kinematics with three linear axes in X, Y and Z, equipped with absolute measuring systems and two direct driven, dynamic rotary axes in A and B integrated into a swivel rotary table. What makes them dynamic is the fact that the high speed of the rotary axes A and B is achieved through a minimised mass moment of inertia and the use of direct drives. Optionally, the powerful dynamics can be increased further with the ‘Speed Dynamics Package’. Unlike comparable machines on the market, HELLER has equipped the new series with a counter bearing as a unique selling point. The use of the counter bearing in combination with a YRT bearing results in a high rigidity also in case of high loads.

Combined with the 5th axis provided by the workpiece for dynamic 5-sided and simultaneous 5-axis machining, HELLER’s typical horizontal spindle, ensuring quick tool changes and short idle times, offers substantial advantages as far as productivity is concerned. The HF provides a wide choice of spindles to suit different applications. Moreover, the HF series offers large workpiece or fixture interference contours. Unlike conventional 5-axis machining centres, HELLER's concept is not limited to single-part clamping, but provides the possibility of multiple clamping and the clamping of large components.

With the HF series, HELLER is also presenting its new HELLER Operation Interface, the new operating panel with 24" screen technology and touch controls, quick access technology in the control and XTENDS – optional expansion applications to support the user.

5-axis mill/turning centre model CP 6000: complete machining including highly productive turning function

High dynamics and chip removal rates at any spatial position are among the high standards expected of HELLER machining centres. With the C series, HELLER is able to meet these requirements also in terms of turning operations. The machines from the C series enable powerful 5-axis machining applications as well as horizontal, vertical and tilted turning operations. At EMO 2019, this concept is presented on mill/turning centre model CP 6000, offering an almost unique cutting performance, an HSK-T 100 spindle taper and a large work area.

In response to various sectors’ growing demand for machines for small and flexible batch sizes, HELLER expanded its standard machine range by the 5-axis machining centres from the F series some years ago. Based on this machine concept, the C series was developed. In addition to 5-sided and 5-axis simultaneous machining, these machines also provide the typical capabilities of turning machines. The machine series offers unique benefits in this market segment for the machining of workpiece diameters of up to 1,400 mm (2,160 mm with Z-stroke limitation) and workpiece weights of up to 4,000 kg on model CP 10000.

The machining centre model CP 6000 exhibited at EMO 2019 offers a work envelope of 1,000x1.000x1.300 mm (X, Y, Z), a pallet size of 630x630 mm and is equipped with an integrated pallet changer. It enables single-setup milling and highly productive and process-reliable turning of workpieces with a diameter of up to 1,000 mm (1,580 mm with Z-stroke limitation) and a maximum height of 1,200 mm. The specially developed and extremely stiff PCU (PowerCuttingUniversal) swivel head geometry contributes to achieving the high cutting performance. To increase torsional stiffness and form fit of the series, it has been equipped with an additional spindle locking feature. Additionally, a further SCU swivel head unit (SpeedCuttingUniversal) and two spindle units with swivel-head kinematics SCT and PCT are available. The fifth axis provided by the tool underscores the strong focus on the turning functionality. As a result, horizontal and vertical turning operations on outer and inner contours can be accomplished at high efficiency using the C axis and optional A and B axis.

The rotary table with direct torque drive delivers the required power when the workpiece rotates against the tool. Model CP 6000 provides highest productivity and economic efficiency when mostly cubic features are machined and the emphasis is on high process dependability, use of automation, e.g. linkage of the machine with identical workpiece handling, high accuracy or machining of rotation-symmetrical components with a length-to-diameter ratio of below one. With a focus on these aspects of manufacturing, the highly productive machining centres are the ideal solution for companies from process engineering, power and drive engineering as well as pump manufacturers dealing with rotation-symmetrical components.


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