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For faster and more cost-effective production

What are the factors determining economic efficiency of a CNC process, profit or loss and the competitiveness of your company? One factor is the quality of your machine, another is cycle time. The shorter cycle time, the less non-productive times you have. The higher productivity, the lower per-piece costs. We are able to fully support you with our know-how, helping you to achieve the desired reduction of non-productive times. After all, we know your machine inside out.

How does cycle time optimisation work?

Together with you, we analyse your processes, examine the factors influencing cycle time and scrutinise your CNC program. Based on the resulting comprehensive assessment of current machining paths and cutting times, we develop a strategy to
optimise CNC cycle time. Cutting parameters and speeds remain unchanged. Additionally, we will not modify axis dynamics, resulting in increased wear.

However, we guarantee: HELLER will get the most out of your CNC program!

Does cycle time optimisation cost more than it saves?

On the contrary. Our fee depends on the savings achieved. The assessment is charged at a flat rate, whilst fees for all optimisation measures are success-based. That means: we will only get a share of the cake if you are able to produce more parts in less time.

HELLER CNC cycle time optimisation is available for all machines equipped with Siemens 840D-SL control.



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HELLER Academy Products

  • Training CNC: Cycle time optimisation (available)
  • Product CNC: Cycle time optimisation on customer workpiece (new)
  • Training CNC: Cycle time optimisation on customer workpiece (planned)
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